Celebrate! 3 years and Thriving
Celebrate! – Three years and Thriving!!

A message from Jo, our Managing Director

It’s May and our 3rd Birthday! And also a year since we started this Blogging journey! We’re immensely grateful to everyone who has joined us along the way.

I confess we have been a little remiss in the last few months as we did not get a post up for April or February but we have been super busy helping customers and immersing ourselves in the latest developments on the Salesforce platform at the Sydney World Tour.

Some highlights since our last post include…


Swan Partners with StoreConnect

Late last year, we became a StoreConnect Partner, and we’re thrilled to have completed our first StoreConnect implementation with The Wine Community. StoreConnect, an ecommerce and Point of Sale solution built natively on the Salesforce platform, has won us over with its ease of use, functionality, and flexibility. Congratulations to Marc, Matt, and Cyrille at The Wine Community!

Swan & Storeconnect at World Tour Sydney

Swan & Storeconnect at World Tour Sydney

We were also excited to witness the unveiling of the new Point of Sale feature by the StoreConnect team at the Sydney World Tour. This feature fills a crucial gap for smaller entities on the Salesforce platform. We are eager to get our hands on it for one of our customers as soon as possible. Please contact us if this is something that could work for you.


Livia gets some golden recognition

Speaking of the Sydney World Tour, we can’t help but celebrate again the remarkable achievement of our very own Livia Berto, who received her “Golden Hoodie.” Livia’s dedication to learning and sharing her knowledge is truly inspiring. We’re now supporting her commitment to this cause through Cignus Tech. In Livia’s words, “The project is now called Cignus Tech at Swan, and our goal is to keep mentoring and opening doors that shouldn’t be closed just because of who you are.” 

Livia with Thyna & Sarah from the Cignus Tech Mentoring program

Livia with Thyna & Sarah from the Cignus Tech Mentoring program

VICReturn goes live!!!

We assisted the fantastic team at VICReturn in getting their CRM up and running, including integration with their Snowflake data lake. The team is already reaping great insights from using Salesforce, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them.


WindowLine goes live!!!

Our friends at WindowLine in Sydney are also delving into the wonderful world of Salesforce. They’ve consolidated multiple customer databases into Salesforce and are streamlining their sales processes for greater efficiency and, of course, more sales. Kudos to Gary, David, and superstar Lynne!

Cupcakes with the logos for Swan & Windowline

Sweet celebrations for the Windowline go live


As a part of our Birthday celebrations we also have two announcements


Women in Digial

We are proud to announce that we have joined Women in Digital as Corporate Advocate Members, alongside other incredible tech companies across Australia. This organisation champions the belief that technology should be built by all people, for all people. They are passionate about creating an inclusive and welcoming community for all women in digital and diversity champions. Women in Digital epitomise the value of diversity that we hold dear as an organisation.

Proud Member of Women in Digital


Swan Partners with Accounting Seed

Our second announcement is that we have become an Implementation Partner to Accounting Seed, a natively built accounting solution on the Salesforce platform. It is a competitively priced ERP solution for small to medium sized businesses on the Salesforce platform, allowing you to have a truly 360 view of your customers and indeed your entire business.


Accounting Seed


Thank you for helping us celebrate another wonderful year. If you want to transform your Salesforce experience, reach out to us via hello@swantechnologysolutions.io