Case Studies

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Proximity wanted to significantly enhance their internal systems to remove manual processes and ensure the business was placed for scale. They needed a system to manage tenders and sales activities, time entry and resource planning and all their accounting needs.
The Wine Community have taken a huge technology leap forward in the last two years. From order creation using a paper based system entered into an old green screen ERP to tech revolution using Salesforce and Financialforce. The challenge has always been to keep it as simple as possible for the end user, as such they needed swift, timely support for their Salesforce and Financialforce instance.
enVogue Skin have a fast growing business and to support that growth they needed internal systems that provide excellent visibility across the whole sales cycle from new lead through to order and invoice.
Most critical for the enVogue team was simplicity! The whole process needed to be simple and able to be completed within a few clicks!