About Us

Get to know what sets us apart

Swan Technology Solutions are a bevy of experts in the Salesforce and ERP space, providing consulting and advisory services.

We specialise in business transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan – a final business process and product.

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise level business, work in spreadsheets or an ERP, we will not only architect solutions, we will also partner with you to ensure successful delivery and change management within your organisation. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every customer and customise to your individual needs and concerns.

Values that shape us


We pride ourselves on delivering excellence. We enable our customers to excel by providing services that are second to none. We encourage our team to drive for excellence by supporting their goals and celebrating their achievements.


Trust is core to who we are. We strive to generate trust in our people, in our customers and in our knowledge and skills. We put our faith in each other so you can put your faith in us too.


Diversity is not just one of our values, it is who we are! It is particularly important to us to encourage and support women in technology and inspire other women to join us in being entrepreneurs and technologists. Let’s celebrate our differences and be successful together.


We work to live not live to work! We want to have fun and work hard, spend time with our family and friends and take time to read a good book! We believe we can be committed and take time off; we can be a good leader and delegate tasks; we can be a problem solver and ask for help and we can work hard and not overwork!

Meet your dedicated Swan team

Jo Swadling
Managing Director
Livia Viana Berto
Senior Solution Consultant
Stephannie Estrada Zimic
Solution Consultant
Chris Swadling
Solution Consultant

Taylah McCullough
Junior Solution Consultant

Felipe Melo

Felipe Melo
Junior Solution Consultant

Ana Swadling
Marketing Coordinator

Our 1% Pledge…

As part of our 1% pledge, Swan houses an internal initiative called “Cignus Technology”

Cignus Technology is a mentoring project aimed at assisting new entrants into the Salesforce ecosystem and launched its first cohort focused on the Latino Community in October 2023. This initiative underscores Swan’s commitment to diversity and professional development within the technology sector.

Cygnus Technology

Swan Technology Solutions’ Green Future


At Swan Technology Solutions, we are dedicated to sustainability and the fight against climate change. We commit to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Our strategy includes reducing our carbon footprint, enhancing energy efficiency, and investing in renewable energy sources. We will work closely with our partners, clients, and stakeholders to implement innovative solutions and promote environmental stewardship. Join us on our journey to a sustainable future.