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The Challenge
enVogue Skin have a fast growing business and to support that growth they needed internal systems that provide excellent visibility across the whole sales cycle from new lead through to order and invoice.
Most critical for the enVogue team was simplicity! The whole process needed to be simple and able to be completed within a few clicks!
The Solution
The solution was to enable the basics with Salesforce Sales Cloud, add simplicity with the addition of a Quick order lightning web component and integrating directly to their ERP:

  • Salesforce sales cloud
  • Quick order lightning web component
  • Dear ERP integration

Key metrics

The enVogue team are processing over 100 orders per week. User adoption has been very high with all users successfully logging sales and interacting with the system.


Opportunity/orders per week


Logging sales in the system


Streamlined sales workflow

“They are amazing. They listened to our business needs and were very fast to deal with any issues during testing . Everything was delivered in a very timely, professional manner.”

Ian Carroll
Managing Director

The Benefits

1. Seamless process from Lead to Ledger
Lead conversion through to placing an order is now a completely streamlined process, whilst still capturing all the information needed to support the customer’s ongoing success.

2. Visibility for the whole team
Silos are a thing of the past… Information is shared across the business allowing marketing to have key insights and sales to understand how they are tracking with each of their customers. Customer 360 at its finest!

3. Excellent customer experience
With the integration of the front end CRM with the back office ERP customers experience a seamless process and no delay with their orders. Their account managers can track their order within seconds.