"Living Our Values: Swan's Journey to Excellence, Trust, Diversity, and Balance"
Living Our Values:

Swan for All and All for Swan!!

In November, our team gears up for some important activities leading up to the holiday season. We set aside a week in late November to celebrate our achievements and chart our course for the upcoming year.

This week is a special opportunity for the entire team to come together in person and have a meaningful impact on the direction of our business. As the Managing Director, I eagerly anticipate this time because it allows us to connect on a deeper, more personal level and collectively shape the future of our business for the short and medium term.

During this annual gathering, we also take the chance to revisit the values that we established when we started Swan. We want to ensure that these values still hold true and guide our actions effectively.

So, let’s talk about how we’re currently embodying these values:

  1. Excellence: We demonstrate our commitment to excellence by continuously challenging ourselves to improve. For instance, we’ve incorporated project retrospectives into our regular meetings, where we reflect on each project’s highs and lows, focusing on how we can enhance both our processes and customer experiences.
  2. Trust: Trust is at the heart of everything we do, as we serve as guides for our customers, particularly during their initial Salesforce journey. We build trust by having candid conversations with our clients, leveraging our collective 30+ years of experience to their advantage, and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the Salesforce ecosystem. Internally, we support one another and extend a helping hand whenever needed.
  3. Diversity: This value holds a special place in our hearts. We’re passionate about promoting diversity in the tech world, particularly advocating for Women in Tech. In addition, our team members Livia and Steph have initiated a fantastic program called Cignus Tech, where they mentor Latinos in Australia to become Salesforce certified, with a strong emphasis on the skills required to excel as Salesforce consultants.
  4. Balance: Achieving balance is a continuous journey for us. Our aim is to ensure that every team member can strike a harmonious balance between their work, personal lives, and learning opportunities. While we recognise that we haven’t perfected this yet, we’ve always offered flexible work arrangements, given that we all work remotely. Moreover, we provide an extra “Swan Day” each quarter to accommodate those unexpected life events and commitments.

I’m genuinely excited to see what our team offsite will bring this year. Here’s to a collective effort in living out our values, making Swan a place where everyone thrives! 


Swan for all! And All for Swan!